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Keaghan in Dreamside!

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Keaghan in Dreamside!

here is more to your home than what you’ve seen.  There is a place you have never stepped foot in. Your home has an outside, an inside, and a side you didn’t know existed: Dreamside! If you have a very healthy dose of curiosity and courage, you might be able to find it.  In fact, on an afternoon not too many days ago, a young boy named Keaghan discovered the way in.

Join Keaghan on his fantastic journey through the strangeness that is Dreamside, a labyrinth world of magic he discovers inside his own home. Dreamside is a place of mystery and wonder, but also of great danger. During his adventure, Keaghan meets some very strange characters. But also wandering these twisting halls is a monstrous creature that has no intention of letting Keaghan find his way back out!

A story of 8,078 words.

ATOS Book Level: 4.3


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